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My First Ever PhilCon Schedule!

I’ve never been to PhilCon before! I’m so excited to make this trip and even more excited for the panels. Below is my schedule. Don’t they sound awesome? I’m also looking forward to meeting several people. I know of them mostly through online activities (mostly Twitter) and so it’ll be great to connect in person!

Saturday 12:00 pm: BEYOND LONDON’S GASLAMPS  Plaza 3
Panelists: Hakira D’Almah (M), Robert C Roman, Day Al-Mohamed, T. Patrick Snyder, Savan Gupta, Siobhan CarrollPlenty has been written- and drawn, and costumed- concerning the concept of an alternate England where steam instead of electricity powers the world’s technological advances. But what about the rest
of the world? What would the shop of a Japanese gearsmith have looked like? What about the clothing of an airship crew from Mumbai? Or the design of the Panama Canal?
Saturday 1:00 pm: WOMEN IN COMICS Plaza 6
Panelists: Day Al-Mohamed (M), Muriel Hykes, Scheherazade JacksonWomen write, draw, and buy comics…and they’ve been doing it just as long as men have. But as of 2014, women make up the lion’s share (53%) of comic-buyers, and hold more company positions than ever. What was a trend has now become a transition period in the industry. And with a slew of new writers like Marguerite Bennett (DC Bombshells), G. Willow Wilson (A-Force), Ming Doyle (Constantine),
Alisa Kwitney (Mystic U), Genevieve Valentine (Catwoman), artists like Marguerite Sauvage, (DC Bombshells, Wonder Woman) Stacey Lee (Silk), Babs Tarr (Batgirl), Sara Pichelli (Spider-Man), Annie Wu (Black Canary),  and Marvel editor Dana Amanat’s promotion to Director of Content and Character Development, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. What impact has this had on fandom?
Saturday 3:00 pm: READING Executive Suite 623
Panelists: Siobhan Carroll (M), Christopher Weuve, Day Al-Mohamed, Michael F. Flynn, John Grant, Robert FenelonSF stories such as Dune or the Foundation series frequently deal with long stretches of time and the historical process itself. Some of them are based on specific theories such as those of Spengler,
Marx or others. How does this influence the way we think and write about the future?
Sunday 10:00 am: CYBERPUNK TODAY Plaza 3
Panelists: Fran Wilde (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Vikki Ciaffone, Chris Fuller, Robert C RomanWe live in a world of full of technology, mega-corporations and paranoia. The Cyberpunk future has become reality. Is it possible to write Cyberpunk that is not real life fiction?


RavenCon Schedule

Did I mention I’m going to RavenCon?  No?  Okay, this weekend, I will be attending RavenCon.  RavenCon is a weekend convention celebrating the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  There will be authors and artists and discussions and workshops.  In addition to attending, I will also be participating on several panels of which I’m very excited.  I’ve spent a good portion of the week cyber-stalking some of my fellow panelists to learn a little more about them…beyond the fact that they’re fabulous!

Friday, 5:00 pm                 Creating a Timeline
How carefully should an author keep track of what happens, when, and where? What are some techniques to make this easier?

Day Al-Mohamed (m), Bud Sparkhawk, Steve White, Robert E. Waters,  Jean Marie Ward, Pamela K. Kinney

Friday, 10:00pm                The Morality of Magneto
Was Magneto right all along? What should we do when a new species comes along to supplant us?  Will we even see it coming?

Mike Kabongo (m), Day Al-Mohamed, Ahlen Moin, Joan Wendland, Christopher Weuve

Saturday, 9:00am             Helping Young Writers Find Success
Making the transition from writer to published author is a considerable challenge.  What can young writers do make more time for writing and find success in publishing?

Day Al-Mohamed (m), Meriah Crawford, Bud Sparhawk, A.J. Hartley, JM Lee, Scott M. Baker

Saturday, 6:00pm             When I am a Super Villain
The panelists are bit by radioactive meteors and given superhuman powers.  What would they do with them?

Billy Flynn (m), Davey Beauchamp, Day Al-Mohamed, KT Pinto, Tony Ruggerio, Patrick A. Vanner

Sunday, 9:00am               Rethinking Write What You Know
How does this mantra for writers work when you are trying to produce fantasy or science fiction?  Is it irrelevant, or does it need retooling?

S. Reesa Herberth (m), Michelle Moore, Bud Sparhawk, A.J. Hartley, Michelle D. Sonnier, Day Al-Mohamed

Sunday, 11:00am              Worldbuilding for Writers and Gamers
Audience participation! Panelists take suggestions from the audience then use as many suggestions as possible to create an alternate history universe.

Kate Paulk (m), Diana Bastine, Charles E. Gannon, David Bartell, Day Al-Mohamed

Sunday, 12:00pm             Steampunk as Alternate History
Is it possible to create a steampunk alt-history that doesn’t hinge on the British Empire?  Are colonialism, imperialism, and classism inherent in the subgenre?

Charles E. Gannon (m), Michelle D. Sonnier, Scott M. Baker, Leo Champion, Andrew Fox, Day Al-Mohamed

Sunday, 2:00pm               Objects in Space
What sorts of made objects – the arts, technology, creature comforts  — do you think humans would be most likely to take with them to the stars?

Paula S. Jordan (m), Day Al-Mohamed, David Bartell

I hope to get more author links up later tonight.  Obviously, it is going to be a busy busy weekend!  I’d love to stay in touch with folks, so I’ll likely be on Twitter for the duration – @DayAlMohamed.  Send me a tweet!