Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2

I thought this article was a hoot:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2

And this won’t isn’t going to be written by John August!  Basically, “Big Brother” the television show, put 100 golden tickets in KitKat bars the winners (following a thorough background check – among other things) would then have the opportunity to join the house for the reality television show.

There will be 100 golden tickets placed in KitKat bars distributed to 40,000 British retail outlets starting at 10:30 p.m. on May 18, Britain’s Channel 4 said on Friday. The competition ends on June 2 at 10:20 p.m.

Now supposedly this is the first time that someone will be randomly chosen from the public but… *shaking head*

Although I can’t say much, of any of the reality shows (I don’t usually watch them) this is the one I have seen the least of. There are no real stars, no real talent and it smacks of voyeurism (not in a good way).

So come on Charlie Bucket here is your “big” chance…I guess.


There used to be rivers of butterflies, but now there are years when there are no butterflies at all. This is a village full of ghosts, not of people, but of nature, a paradise lost. -HOMERO ARIDJIS, a naturalist in Contepec, Mexico.

There is something about that quote that makes one unutterably sad.