Our Steampunk Wedding

Day and Renee' Steampunk Wedding - Parish Room, House of Blues, New Orleans

Day and Renee’ Steampunk Wedding – Parish Room, House of Blues, New Orleans

Day and Renee in costume in Pirate's Alley, New Orleans

Day and Renee in costume in Pirate’s Alley, New Orleans

Updates and the Flu

Whew!  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Mostly because I was out sick for the first and then spent the second trying to get caught up.  I haven’t had the flu like that since I was in middle school.  Home, in bed, feeling to miserable to even watch television.  Nothing tasted good and every part of my body ached.   Which means that work the next week  (I was out from Thursday to Wednesday) was quite busy with me trying desperately to get caught up.  Unfortunately, it means all my personal events and activities fell, very quickly, by the wayside. 

I haven’t managed to add any more dialogue to my screenplay short (or work on the alternative I have in mind), nor have I been very good about keeping up with my podcasts.  Day in Washington hasn’t had a meaningful update in some time and I completely missed a hearing and will now have to reconstruct it from the webcast alone (something that is not easily done).  And Unleaded – Fuel for Writers hasn’t had a post from me in weeks.  Renee has been attempting single-handedly to keep up with the daily schedule of casts.

So mostly, this update is a reminder of everything I have to get caught up on! 

Launch of ‘Day in Washington’

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to write as I’ve been working on the launch of ‘Day in Washington’ my Disability Policy Podcast.  For clarity, many of my disability policy and news articles will be migrated over to the new site.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a snag with the audio of my most recent post which has taken me several hours with still no positive result in sight.  However, the content of the audio is available in the comments section.


Eventually it will also be listed as:  www.dayinwashington.com  (but we’re not there yet).