Book Research: The Arab Jeweler

You can tell I’m in research mode as I keep finding little snippets of things that set my mind spinning. And of course, I have to save some of these snippets for fear I shall forget.

Today’s inspiration is an oil painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art called The Arab Jeweler from about 1882 by Charles Sprague Pearce (1851–1914). It is very much in line with the rise of public interest in the “exotic” and Orientalist themes, but I will say, I still found the image striking.

Arab Jeweler by Pearce

Random #Research Finds

Working on a project. Doing some research. Collecting information, images, and footage. And had to share this.

AwesomeCon Panel – Trauma & Neurodiversity Images in Comics

Yes, believe it or not, for once I am actually posting about an event BEFORE I attend/present. This coming weekend is AwesomeCon and I will be on a panel about “Trauma & Neurodiversity Images in Comics.” Although I know the focus is on comics, I hope to at least address the presence and representation of trauma and mental health in the recent spate of television series’ based on comic books; Jessica Jones and Legion come to mind specifically.

Reading at East City Bookshop for OutWrite’s “The Future is Queer”

OutWrite Presents “The Future is Queer”: An evening of queer speculative fiction. Readings from Sarah Pinsker, Craig L. Gidney, Day Al-Mohamed and Sunny Moraine. Moderated by Marianne Kirby.

I love love loved this entire event. The friendly outreach, the reminders, the fact that the bookshop took care to get in copies of our books, a well prepared moderator, awesome co-readers, and an AMAZING audience. This goes down as one of my most favorite author events ever. If OutWrite or East City Books ever asks for my support for anything, in a heartbeat, I’ll be there.

Just a few quick images from the evening. For anyone interested in reading the short piece I contributed to the evening, you can find it published at Fireside Fiction.

But the best and coolest thing of all….I’ve been memed!!!