More Video Work (a.k.a. I get to call myself an executive producer now!)

I had a great time working on the political video and now it looks like I will have an opportunity to do something similar, only this time I’ll be paid!  Yay!  I am now a PAID executive producer.  Actually, it is more of an honorarium but regardless, I’m very excited about this new project.  Don’t expect it until about November and I can’t really say anything, but I’m excited about all the possibilities.

Political Video and Expanding “Day in Washington”

In November of last year I had made the journal comment that I would like to expand the Day in Washington Disability Policy Podcast.  In December, I received a video camera and committed myself to trying out video work.

On July 26 of this year, a number of the big disability groups put together a Presidential Disability Forum and invited both Presidential candidates to attend to discuss their vision for the future as it applied to people with disabilities.  To help advertize the event and encourage attendance (from both people with disabilities and the candidates themselves), I thought it would be interesting to put together a video.

Ohio Disability Forum – 2008

It had a few issues, but considering it was put together in about a week using every ounce of free time I could find, I think it turned out pretty well and it definitely spoke to what I originally intended.  So there it is, the first video produced by Day In Washington

Stress Relief and Legos

One of the things that I really find meditative is working with Legos.  There is something infinitely satisfying about building the tiny model sets.  One of the latest additions to this form of stress relief has been combining it with stop-motion animation.  The slow, take-a-photo, move-a-minifig, take-a-photo steady work is really soothing.  And at the end, I have a neat little stop-motion film.

I recently completed the first episode in a series of small shorts, “Rapunzel – The Outtakes.”  The first one “Ooops!” is about a minute long.  It was a lot of fun to do and was a great way to destress after a VERY rough week.

I know that there are some lighting issues that I couldn’t see while I was working on it and a couple of times I bumped the set/camera while working and didn’t quite realize it, but overall, I’m pretty proud of my first Lego-attempt.  Renee set up the camera and let me go…

Anyway,  below is the film clip which I shall now send out far and wide.


Fire Photos

It has been a busy work-heavy few weeks.  But rather than spend my time and blog space lamenting my lack of freedom, I’d rather share what I did manage to find time for.  One of Renee’s projects lately has been to post a “Photo of the week” to encourage her to keep thinking creatively.

Although I managed to capture a couple of

shots of her that were “keepers” (I love digital cameras…we got a couple out of almost 100 shots), she got quite a few of me that I liked. I’d love to say these are lovely professional photos but as I have been work-busy and was looking for relaxation…they’re fire pictures.

For quite a few years we both have done fire performance. Mostly for our own enjoyment, but Renee has taught quite a few seminars in the MidWest on this. Alas, we still haven’t found a good burn-space in Maryland so the photos are from the backyard and livingroom.

-This first is a portrait-type photo with flaming batons.

Day Fire Portrait with Flaming Batons

-The second is a picture of me actually ON FIRE.

Day with a Flaming Baton and my hand actually on fire

-I took the next photo which is of Renee with her fire fan.

Renee with her fire fans

-This last photo is of the fire trails left by her fan while spinning.

Renee's Fan Fire Trails

Fire Portrait