Strange Dreams and Batman

I don’t dream.  Well, I’m sure I do.  Everyone dreams.  I just don’t usually remember my dreams.  But for some odd reason, I remember last night’s dream.  And it was…strange. I was solving a Miss Marple-style mystery. In a locked 1930s bedroom. With Batman. I couldn’t find a good way to articulate the strangeness of the dream.  However, I have good friends. Understanding friends. With some free time to put to this quandary. With Photoshop.  Please see below.  🙂



Tony F. is a genius.

[Image: Me, “dressed” as Ms. Marple, with 1950s Batman, in a pinkish-peach flowered 1930s bedroom.]

Ray Bradbury Traumatized Me as a Child

bradbury-starI recently posted about books (and short stories that stuck with me).  One that I didn’t mention was Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day.” I think it may have been my earliest exposure to science fiction (other than possibly a couple of terrifying Dr. Who episodes of which the only thing I recall was giant black spiders).

I only recently read the short story.  What traumatized me was the short film made from it in 1982.  I am not sure how old I was, not very, because I remember the movie in tiny snatches of images and emotions more than the words.  It left me profoundly distrubed. To this day even thinking about it leaves a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Some of that is likely from my first exposure but reading it, as an adult, it still was emotionally devastating.  Poor Margot!  And even though the short movie has a “happier” ending than the story, it still  eats away at me.

I wonder what it means.  Every so often I poke and prod at my own feelings and thoughts but have yet to come to a solid conclusion.  What I DO know is that Bradbury reached in and touched something very personal that, more than 30 years later, still resonates.


RavenCon and Slushies

Okay, I should have massive amounts of blogging for RavenCon.  It has been a fantastic weekend and I really enjoyed the film track, but I had too much fun to even think about writing about it!  Isn’t that awful?  Or isn’t that wonderful?!

So, in penance, I’m sharing a photo.  One of the most awesome parts of the trip?  The hotel was less than half a mile from Sonic.  We’ve visited it three times in two days (so far).  BEHOLD!  THE SONIC WATERMELON SLUSHIE WITH NERDS!



Cripping the Con and American Horror Story – Me & Pepper

I’m at Cripping the Con this week in New York and very excited to present on the crafting of a disability Bechdel Test with Katherine Deibel (I hope to post more about that at some point).  But for right now, I wanted to take a moment for a bit of fan squee. I got the opportunity to meet Naomi Grossman who plays Pepper on American Horror Story.  She performed her one-woman show, “Carnival Knowledge.”  And she rocks!