The Tour – Actual Footage

It’s here!  I talk about my first film writing effort (that was actually made into a film) late last year and now, I’m very excited to introduce you to the film in all its glory.  I give you, “The Tour,” written by Day Al-Mohamed and John Muth.

The-Tour from John Muth on Vimeo.

Filmed on The National Mall. The Tour tells the story of two people on a walk through the national monuments while on the lookout for someone special.

Note:  If you cannot get the embedded version to play, you can click and watch it directly on Vimeo.

My First Short Film

Most people know that I write short stories, specifically speculative fiction.  What most people may not know is that I didn’t start with short stories or poetry or novels, I began with screenplays. Most of the time when I write, my initial drafts are mostly dialogue.  I tend to think in dialogue first so had assumed that scripts would be the best place to start.  :)  There are a lot of issues with that assumption though, but thankfully it didn’t mar my optimism. I had two features written, a couple of partials and several shorts; I’d worked with a couple of directors. Even made it to the last round for a show that was pitched to the SyFy channel. Unfortunately nothing ever came of any of these efforts. As a result, I decided to focus on fiction.  Writing was what I did, after all.  And this way, I didn’t need a team or crew or director or funding or location or actors or ANYTHING.

This year, I timidly delved back into the waters of screenplay writing and joined DC Filmmakers, a local meetup group.  Brian F. organizes it and I cannot say enough good things about DC Filmmakers. 🙂 Most groups have panels and speakers and discussion.  Some film ones even have screenings and critiques.  What I really like about this group is after every meeting, there is an opportunity, for those interested, to actually make a micro film.  Just somewhere around 3 minutes or so.  But it is a great chance to learn how things work in a hands-on environment.  There are folks with lots of knowledge and folks just starting out.  :)  But the goal is to actually create something.  I LOVE THIS.

My first meeting, I walked out of there as part of a group making a short comedy. Thankfully, I was partnered with a more veteran director, John Muth, who I can’t say enough good things about. The result was a 3-minute film called, “The Tour” written jointly by John and myself.  Looking back, I can see all sorts of things I’d do slightly differently.  But at the same time, I’m very proud of what we put together.  There are some beautiful moments captured.  I hope to get the opportunity to do more with these folks.

Now…the reason for my finally posting about this.  John made a poster/pic for the film and I had to share.  It looks GREAT and captures the intimacy and ambiguity we were going for.  The goal is to screen it at the next DC Filmmakers meeting on October 22.  Unfortunately, I can’t be there.  Boo!  Regardless, I HAD to share John’s poster.

The Tour Film Poster