Video Killed a Radio Star

Just a quick update to show off what my wife just purchased for me. :)  Yes, that is lights and a green screen.  Combine that with even our frugal (I’m not allowed to call it cheap) little tripod and camcorder, and add the audio gear and mixer from podcasting and I have the beginnings of a lovely studio!


The #Disability Film Challenge and Team Meridian Rain

Whew! What a weekend! I had a fantastic time with a great group of talented people who I have to give a shoutout to: N.R. Brown, Jay Chandlier, Ryan Easterly, Catherine Hefferan, Lauren Karas, Julia Myers, Matt Winterhalter, and Keri Williams. We are “Meridian Rain.” 🙂

We spent this last weekend writing, rehearsing, finding/setting up locations, shooting, editing, and submitting a short 5-minute film for the Disability Film Challenge (DFC). The DFC is a 48 Hour short film competition whose purpose is “to motivate disabled and non-disabled film makers to be proactive in the film industry and to supply them with a means of exposure for themselves and their projects.” I included their promotional video below.

Disability Film Challenge from Matt Bauer

And because I cannot hold back the awesome, just a few photos from the set of “Barking Brothers”:














































































PS And as a fun little fact, Team Meridian Rain consisted of far more cast and crew with disabilities, than without.