Eco Comedy Challenge – We Made the Finals!

Comedy can encourage people to take environmental challenges more seriously. That is the goal of the Eco-Comedy Film Competition, presented by American University’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking and sponsored by The Nature Conservancy. Working with director Julia Myers, and NR Brown, who was kind enough to act as “Mother Nature” for our short film, we submitted what we thought was a sweet, funny, little 2-minute film. We’re one of the Top 6 and on March 24th, we’ll discover if we actually win!  Very exciting.

Just as a fun bit of trivia it was around 30 degrees outside and poor Renee was out in the woods in nothing but a sheet and biker boots!

Also, we may have given the director (who was our cyclist) a concussion with how many times she was hit on the head by that can to get the shot just right. Then again, I could’ve just been enjoying the sheer thrill of beaning someone with an empty soda can.

Touch of Love – Filming my Short Story (and yes, I’m super excited)

This week last weekend has been thrilling. We just finished up a two-day shoot for the short film, “Touch of Love.” I wrote the screenplay based on my short story of the same name.  It was first published in Daily Science Fiction in 2012 and then republished in a collection – Ten Tales of Steampunk, edited by Rayne Hall, this year. We set up a Facebook Page so people could stay updated as to the latest news.

It has been a fantastic experience and I am so grateful to have been able to work with some amazing and talented people – Julia Myers, Matt Winterhalter, Russ Allnutt, Jacob Smith, Andrew Mason, Jay Chandlier, N.Renee Brown, Sophia Reaves, and Kaitlyn Whitehead. (And I need to definitely include links so you can find some other examples of the awesome work they’ve done).

Not only was the experience great, but I think the final product will be great, and I learned so so much from these pros. I just don’t have enough superlatives. 🙂 If you get a chance, check out the stills (and other info) here –
Photo from the day-of shoot, taken via my poor little iPhone (which died several times from the cold)


Still from the actual footage


Documentary Research (Invalid Corps) – #CivilWar Soldier CDVs

I’m working on a documentary short about people with ‪#‎disabilities‬ in the ‪#‎CivilWar‬. What caught my attention was coming across a couple of images from auction sites.

The first is titled: Civil War Soldier CDV Dwarf Rare Photo Rifle Armed Pic

CW Dwarf

The note on the auction website says: “Very unusual oversized cabinet CDV of a dwarf with a long beard, dressed in uniform with kepi and holding a gun. The picture was taken by Griffin & Watkins, which operated in Princeton, Kentucky during the latter part of the 19th century. Back of the card reads ”Portraits in Oil, Pastille & Crayon Old Pictures Copied and Enlarged.” Image very sharp. Card in superb condition. Measures 4” x 6”. Very interesting image.”

The second is titled:  Civil war unidentified midget dwarf union soldier officer cdv photograph

CW Dwarf 2

I wonder if anyone has any additional information on either of these individuals?