My First Comic and Comics Doing Good

Very excited today.  In February, my first ever comic pitch was accepted by Grayhaven Comics for their anti-bullying anthology, You Are Not Alone. And there was much excitement and cheering throughout the land. I love love love comics.  I’ll admit, I tend to read more of the “Big 2” than anything else but can’t help but resonate the sense of hope, that good will triumph etc. (though I HAVE been working on expanding my reading to more independents).  The opportunity to pitch a comic is part of a dream come true.  It’s even on my bucket list.  I’m also really proud that my desire meshed so well with such a great cause.

Created in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, the editors highlighted their reasoning in a simple, yet powerful message: “t put that to use in a beneficial way?” I couldn’t agree more, which is why I am particularly proud to contribute to the YANA anthology. The story I wrote is actually based on an anecdote told by a good friend.  :)  I thought it particularly fitting. Today, I just saw the first sample page. The art is from Luiz Campello and is, to be frank, amazing.  He put heart and emotion into the story.  I’m very very excited to see this project move forward.


Outside Blogging and My Comic Book Character Favorite – Barbara Gordon

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t done much writing recently on my own blog but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I’ve been fervently active at work, amazingly busy writing fiction stories, and even a couple of blog posts for other sites. It’s the last of those that I want to talk about today.

I admit it, I am a geek and love geeky things – Star Wars, Star Trek, Comic books, science fiction movies, fantasy novels, anime, and the list goes on. A fabulous Tumblr that I occassionally read (I tend to follow more on Twitter) is DC Women Kicking Ass.  In November, the site hosted the annual Kick Ass DC Woman tournament where site visitors voted for their favorite characters in head-to-head competition.  I am exceptionally proud that I was allowed the honor to write the entry for Barbara Gordon.

I urge you to take a look at the post in its entirety on the site, but I would like to repost part of it.

Barbara Gordon perhaps more than all the other women in the DC Universe has had the flexibility to change and grow with her audience.  She’s been in animation, comics, films, television but even through all these changes, the core of Barbara Gordon has always stayed the same. In Batgirl: Year One, Batman asks her the question, “Why?”  Why does she do this?

Barbara Gordon as Batgirl - Because I Can

People find themselves moved by one incarnation or another.  She’s beautiful, a fighter, smart, daring, without giving up that willingness to reach out to family and friends.  Barbara Gordon’s heart is her greatest asset.  Batman is separate from the world.  All he sees is the darkness that he has to fight against.  Barbara sees a better future for Gotham city; that’s what she’s fighting for.

Why is Barbara Gordon the most kickass of the women in the DC universe?  Heros want to save the world, they want to change things for the better.  Whether walking or in a wheelchair, whether librarian, or congresswoman, or vigilante, or just mentor, advisor and willing ear, Barbara Gordon uses her talents and skills to do just that. We all cheer and cry and wildly advocate for our chosen version of Barbara but at the end of the day, she isn’t Batgirl, she isn’t Oracle, she’s Barbara “f-ing” Gordon and nobody beats her.