Like So Much Cattle

There are times when I wonder if I just have a twisted sense of humour, an appreciation of the absurdities of life. I was riding in to work on the metro this morning about 8:30am and people were getting on and off. Mostly on. The train car kept getting packed tighter and tighter. With the dog snuggled between my legs (I had to stand) it felt like we were in a can of sardines. I couldn’t help but have the absurd thought…I wonder what would happen if someone farted? Crude I’ll admit, but it was so tight in that rail car that I would have noticed if anyone near me had not brushed their teeth this morning. And before you ask…yes, I am quite sure a couple of people missed out on their morning hygiene regimen. Blech.

Add to that, I am a very short woman at about 5″ 2 so with everyone hanging on to the bars for balance my head is at about armpit height. *sighs* There are some mornings when it is just a good idea to overload on the perfume and deodorant…and I don’t necessarily mean for me.

So there we are packed into the train like so much cattle. It is like our brains switch off and we just stand and stare. And then, upon reaching the station, we all file out and shuffle along en masse towards the escalators and turnstiles in that almost mindless daze. Did you ever have the urge, as you shuffle along to imitate some herd animal? I couldn’t resist, the temptation was too much. No doubt there are a number of people from this morning’s Red Line herd getting off at Farragut North who were wondering where the Baaa! Baaa! Baaa! came from.