Permission to Come Aboard, Captain? – Star Trek: Discovery and the #Disability Visibility Podcast

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Earl Grey?

Getting caught up on my blogging. 🙂 Or at least keeping a record of all the things I do here and there and don’t want to forget about. This last week I got to talk about one of my all-time favorite franchises: Star Trek. Yup, I’ll admit it. In the battle between Star Wars and Star Trek, Trek wins it for me. Every time.

There is something about the exploration and adventure and the sense of hope for a better future that really speaks to me.

Alice Wong (who is amazing by the way) hosted Andrew Pulrang of DisabilityThinking and myself, for a conversation about disability representation in Star Trek: Discovery, what we hope to see the from the show in the future, and why science fiction is political. 

You can listen to the whole podcast on the Disability Visibility Project website here:

And if you’re not quite sure…let me give you a couple of quotes:

“Science fiction has always been about the idea of possibility and what-if…it lets us also think about society and culture and how those kinds of things change. We are seeking opportunities in a better future. Star Trek has always, in many ways, been about hope, and that’s the thing I love the most about it.”


“The other small thing about science fiction in general, whether it’s dystopic or it’s more on that hopeful side, science fiction has always, always been a political animal. Star Trek has always been political. It has criticized the way we look at race and sexuality and misogyny and the way we look at ageism and the way we even look at disability and war and how we treat each other, commerce, economics. It has made us think about those things because it offers an opportunity to criticize them by taking it out of our world…. It’s easier to see it from outside than it is to see it from yourself. I think that’s one of the biggest advantages of reading science fiction..”