The 2015 Lincoln Funeral Train

This weekend was filming for the Invalid Corps documentary. We went down to Spencer, North Carolina to see the Lincoln Funeral Train. It was amazing and we had a great time. You can read about what we learned at the Invalid Corps website but I did want to add a few pictures here. 🙂

First, let me say Gamma was a trouper throughout the long weekend and considering we were pulling 12 hour days, that wasn’t easy. But I definitely think she enjoyed the train ride.

Gamma and our tickets

Gamma and our tickets

And a quick collage of the Lincoln Funeral Parade to give you an idea of the full awesomeness of the weekend.

NC Transportation Collage

Civil War Union soldiers with reversed weapons. The Leviathan steam locomotive. A drummer. An older soldier with the American flag behind him. In the center, the seal from the Lincoln funeral car, the United States – an eagle with wings outstretched.