Shelly Saves the Future – How #Comics and Work Combine to Help High Schoolers Prepare for their Career of Choice

Shelly Saves the Future – How Comics and Work Combine to Help High Schoolers Prepare for their Career of Choice. Okay, that was a really long title, but it is true. Recently, I was able to put my love of comics and my writing skills to use in the workplace. We were looking for innovative ways to help young people learn more about preparing for college and jobs. One of the mechanisms we use are Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs).

An ILP is a set of activities that helps youth connect what they may be doing in high school with college, job and career goals. They can help someone: 1. Figure out what their skills and interests are, 2. Match these skills and interests with college majors, jobs and careers, 3. Set specific college, job and career goals, and 4. Choose classes and activities that will help reach those goals.

What we did was develop a simple comic to explain what ILPs are and how they work as a way to encourage young people to think about and plan for their future. I’m really jazzed about this project.  It isn’t prefect but it is the agency really trying something new and I think Shelly Saves the Future is a lot more engaging than a Fact Sheet or Brief.

Just a note, the image below is only half of it. You can see the full detailed comic script (and it is screen-reader accessible) here:


AND…for more information about ILPs and how you can get them to work for you (or in your home, class, school, state) check out: