National African American History Month Civil Rights in America White House Event

Today, I was invited to a White House event celebrating African American History Month. What makes this even unique and historic was that it brought together advocates from both the civil rights and the disability communities; youth, providers and policymakers, in a forum focused on the intersection of race and disability. I know at some point I will have lots to say about this other than a comment about how my dog threw up at the White House (and yes, she really did), but for now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking for me.  🙂


Agenda of the Day

Agenda of the Day


Clifton Perez, Chai Feldblum, Dara Baldwin, Stan Holbrook and…

Panel3 YouthPanel


You can find out some more of the details of the event from:
The White House write up of Civil Rights in America by Claudia Gordon

You can also read Jeff Rosen, Chair of the National Council on Disability’s remarks


Note: I also need to caption and describe these images before I forget what they’re of!