Cabana Day at the Luxor

Today, we rented a cabana at the Luxor.  Wow!  They advertize it as an oasis and they aren’t kidding.  It is our own little cabin tent with fan and misters.  We lay on the padded lounges (there were four of them) and had water misted on us.  And there’s more – towel service, stereo, flat screen TV, small dining table w/ 4 chairs, a fully stocked complimentary refrigerator, a gigantic bowl of fresh fruit, and 2 rafts.  We also had cabana-boy Chris and waitress-Jess to take care of us.   Their service was magnificent, complete with, on their own initative, getting a whole bucket of ice for Veni (making her their adoring, slobbering, happy puppy for ever).  Veni even got a cool towel in the afternoon when we did!  Well worth it.  And the view was amazing. 

 Any complaints?  Only that the pool itself is only 3ft deep and it closes at 7pm!!!!!  This is Las Vegas and it is HOT.  I don’t understand how a 3 ft. pool that closes early could be beneficial to a hotel.  I’d sit out there all night!  Hmm, maybe that’s the problem.  We’d all be out by the pool instead of in the casinos!


View from Cabana #5 by the Luxors pool

View from Cabana #5 by the Luxor's pool